New Kare Pillow for Kiiyan

The CD’s official name is かれピロ 大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃうシリーズ 仲良し彼氏と誕生日に 編 / Kare Piro Daisuki na Kare to H Shite Ude Makura de Pillow Talk Sarechau Series Nakayoshi Kareshi to Tanjobi ni Hen. No details yet, but it’ll be birthday-related, as the title suggests. It’ll be 2160 yen with tax included, and comes out on 6/29/16.

Kare Pillow Tokuten Teaser

    Velvet Voice has revealed that Kiiyan (aka Sugiaski Kazuya) will have a track on the upcoming Kare Pillow drama CD available only to those who have bought each CD in the series. The script for the scenario teaser, in Japanese, is here.

Kare Pillow cover & track list

From the Velvet Voice twitter feed, the track list: 1 ホテルに連れ込まれ……「ちょっと休んでく?」 (Brought to a Hotel…. “Shall we rest a little?”) 2 仲直りH「俺の声、好きなんだろ?」 (Reconciliation H: “You like my voice, don’t you?”) 3 ピロートーク「お前以外の女に欲情なんてしねぇ」 (Pillow Talk: “I don’t crave any woman but you”) 4 家まで見送り「また明日な」 (Seeing you home: “See you tomorrow”)