Joysound campaign

To celebrate their dual May releaes, Granrodeo is once again teaming up with Joysound. There will be one Granrodeo-themed karaoke room at Joysound’s Dogenzaka (Shibuya) location. This location, and nine other locations around the country, will be offering a drink + coaster campaign, plus a postcard. Also, for every 900 yen spent, fans will receive … More Joysound campaign

「BEASTFUL」karaoke video

【アニサマ2018 LIVEカラオケ】GRANRODEO「BEASTFUL」のライブ映像が3/24~配信!2日目のトリを飾った彼らは、今回がアニサマ出演11回目。熱量に満ちた、迫力満点のロックサウンドをDAMでお楽しみください!@anisama @gr_staff @kishownstarmaps #anisama — DAM CHANNEL@RTキャンペーン実施中🎁 (@DAMch_Official) March 20, 2019 Starting 3/24/2019, fans will be able to sing along to last year’s Anisama performance of 「BEASTFUL」if they karaoke at a site using DAM’s service.

Joysound & 「BEASTFUL」

To celebrate the release of「BEASTFUL」, for a limited time, Joysound karaoke’s JOYTV magazine will feature a short article on Granrodeo and the actual video will be available in some karaoke stores. Details JOYTV:  Available from 7/15~8/14/2018 @ JOYSOUND f1, JOYSOUND MAX, JOYSOUND MAX2 locations 「BEASTFUL」MV:  Available from 7/18~11/17/2018 @ JOYSOUND MAX, JOYSOUND MAX2 locations URL:

JOYTV appearance

In conjunction with the release of Deadly Drive, Granrodeo will appear on karaoke system JOYSOUND’s JOYTV from March 1~31st. Source: