Kiiyan at Mazda Stadium

Seems like he just had the tour yesterday and enjoyed the game as a fan — and got to see himself on the big screen as part of the Carp support video he was part of. Hopefully next time he’ll get to stay for the whole game! 無念の極みだが明日東京で仕事なので襟足をむんずと掴まれる思いで新幹線🚅なう とりあえず1ー0リードの時点で球場を後にしました それ行けカープ‼️ — 谷山紀章 (@kishownstarmaps) September … More Kiiyan at Mazda Stadium

Kiiyan to throw ceremonial first pitch at today’s Carp game?

Sure looks that way! マツダスタジアムを見学させて貰いました‼️本気で日本一のボールパーク⚾️そーか明日このオーロラビジョンに俺映るのかー( ̄∇ ̄) — 谷山紀章 (@kishownstarmaps) September 9, 2019 本当にすみませんありがとうカープ — 谷山紀章 (@kishownstarmaps) September 9, 2019