New Year message cards

37Card is again offering special New Years cards with special voice messages. There’s 3 cards available, 2 on the official site and Animate, and a third, only available on the Tsutaya site. Each card has a serial number that also serves as a lottery entry number for additional special messages. Winners will be announced on … More New Year message cards

Zeeny recording session

[情報解禁②‼️] 谷山紀章コラボイヤフォン情報第二弾は「音声収録風景」を公開します!先日スタジオにて《約30ボイス》を録り下ろし✨ みなさま続報をお待ちくださいませ〜!! 詳しくはこちら😆↓↓谷山紀章 #ワイヤレスイヤフォン #声優 — Zeenyジーニーヒアラブル/Nain Inc. (@nain_jp) November 25, 2020 Kiiyan recorded around 30 different voice clips the other day for his collaboration with Zeeny.

Ahiru no Sora cast photo/interview book

『#あひるの空 』Blu-ray BOX vol.4はいよいよ明日発売‼️特典その3はキャストビジュアルブック📸クズ高男子バスケ部のキャスト陣による撮り下ろし写真&インタビューを掲載✨#梶裕貴#内田雄馬#小西克幸#谷山紀章#宮野真守#八代拓#堀井茶渡#KENN ⬇️詳細はこちら⬇️ — TVアニメ「あひるの空」公式 (@ahirunosora_tv) November 24, 2020 The 4th Ahiru no sora blu-ray box will include a “cast visual book,” with photos of and interviews with the main cast, including Kiiyan.

We Bare Bears movie promo

If you live in Japan and subscribe to Cartoon Network through Sky Perfect cable company, you can apply for a chance to win an alarm clock with original character voices from We Bare Bears, including Kiiyan’s super cute Panda. There’ll be 100 winners in total Details Item:  Voiced alarm clock Application Dates:  12/1/2020 ~ 12/31/2020 … More We Bare Bears movie promo

15th anniversary book

Also announced tonight was a 15th anniversary book (that e-ZUKA joked would be “all nude”) coming out from B-Pass publications. More details will be forthcoming soon.

Granrodeo Home room wear

「GRANRODEO HOME」新アイテムのご紹介です。 本日は「ルームウェア」。画像を2ツイートに分けてお届けします。オリジナル仕様で作成しておりまして、2サイズでの展開となります。 メンズはゆったり目のサイズ感です。 🔻A-on STORE にて通販受付中! #GR15TH — A-on STORE Powered by A!SMART STAFF(旧:L-MART) (@LantisShop) November 18, 2020 「GRANRODEO HOME」新アイテムのご紹介です。 本日は「ルームウェア」。こちら2ツイートとなります。 首リブは細めに作成し、ボトムスにはポケットを取り付け。 生地は綿100%で、厚すぎない生地厚を選んでおります。 🔻A-on STORE にて通販受付中! #GR15TH — A-on STORE Powered by A!SMART STAFF(旧:L-MART) (@LantisShop) November 18, 2020  

New Granrodeo Home goods!

New goods, including house slippers, room wear and the cutest frying pan ever are now available for purchase on A!Smart’s Granrodeo store. The goods will ship in mid-late December. (Rodepan pics from the A!Smart Twitter)

Kiiyan-branded Zeeny Lights HD ear buds

『Zeeny Lights HD × 谷山紀章』コラボイヤフォン予約開始🚲!! ❤︎ここでしか聞けない完全録り下ろしボイス搭載❤︎谷山紀章監修デザイン❤︎高音質モデルの「Zeeny Lights HD」を採用 ご予約はこちら🐰谷山紀章 #コラボ商品 — Zeenyジーニーヒアラブル/Nain Inc. (@nain_jp) November 13, 2020 Zeeny, creator of ear buds/smartphone assistants and Kiiyan are collaborating as part of Zeeny’s first seiyuu-voiced line of products. You can read a description of the basic Zeeny product here. Kiiyan will provide the audio guidance voice … More Kiiyan-branded Zeeny Lights HD ear buds