Limited Show goods

Goods will be sold in several physical Animate stores, and through the A!Smart Lantis store, starting on 3/12/2021. Check the website for more details, as well as information on a CD campaign at Animate (stores and online).

GRANRODEOの踊ロデオ!Blu-rays announced!

A two blu-ray set of Granrodeo’s TBS TV series GRANRODEOの踊ロデオ!has been announced. Disc one will include all episodes from series 1-3, while disc two will include all episodes from series 4-5 plus the two 15th anniversary events.  The discs can be bought separately, or as a two disc set. Orders received by 4/16/2021 @ 10:00 … More GRANRODEOの踊ロデオ!Blu-rays announced!

e-XPO CD sale

Until 2/8/2021 @ 23:59, fans who buy products featuring e-ZUKA and the e-XPO guest performers at the Animate online shop can get special bonuses. Purchasing target products with e-ZUKA will get you a special 15th anniversary sticker (see above). For more details, see the official website.

GR Round goods

Goods for Round GR will go on sale at A!Smart on 2/2/2021. See the official site for more details.

Ashita mo gambarimasu t-shirts half price

【エアコミケ2連動 A&Gショップ大セール】におきまして、あすますビッグTシャツが50%オフでセール販売中です。 割引にはクーポンコードの利用が必須となりますので下記ページをよくご確認の上ご購入ください。 — 谷山紀章の明日もがんばります! (@ganba1134) December 21, 2020 Check here for instructions on how to enter the necessary coupon code, then click here to purchase.

Zeeny lights voice sample

[谷山紀章コラボイヤフォン📣]谷山紀章×Zeeny Lights HDコラボイヤフォンは《12/20(日)》までの限定販売です!!谷山紀章ボイスで、ドキドキな毎日を送ってみませんか?❤️搭載音声は完全録り下ろし!!ここでしか聴けないレアボイス満載です!!今しか手に入りませんっ!ご予約、お急ぎください⚠️ — Zeenyジーニーヒアラブル/Nain Inc. (@nain_jp) December 18, 2020