Win Kiiyan’s autograph

To win a copy of Kiiyan’s autograph from the Hop Step Jumpers game, follow the game’s official Twitter account and retweet this tweet by 8/14/2018. To listen to a voice clip of Kiiyan’s character, Glen, send グレン to the game’s official Line account.

Win a signed Dies Irae script

Follow the DMM Pictures Twitter account and retweet this tweet for a chance to win a Dies Irae script signed by Kiiyan, Suwabe Junichi, Toriumi Kousuke and Yasumoto Hiroki. Campaign ends on 7/19/2018. Details Prize:  Signed scripts End Date:  7/19/2018

Dies Irae twitter campaign

Right now the DMM twitter feed is holding a “follow and retweet” campaign with an autographed character board as the prize. To enter, follow their account and retweet one of its Dies Irae tweets. Details Event:  Twitter campaign Prize:  Dies Irae cast autographs Twitter:  @DMM  

2017 ANiUTA Awards

To celebrate the service’s one year anniversary, ANiUTA announced its awards for top-ranked songs/artists for the last year. Granrodeo won the award for the Male Group Artist category. Kiiyan and e-zuka both provided comments on the award, which can be read here. Also, current subscribers to the ANiUTA service can enter a lottery to win … More 2017 ANiUTA Awards

Win Kiiyan’s autograph

【RT対象】★サイン色紙プレゼントキャンペーン★東雲詠介を演じる『谷山紀章さん』の直筆サイン色紙を、抽選で3名様にプレゼント!応募はこのアカウントをフォロー&RTするだけ!RT期間:3/23(金)~4/6(金) キャラクター詳細はコチラ⇒ #イケラブ #谷山紀章 — 【公式】イケメンライブ(イケラブ)好評配信中! (@ikemen_live) March 23, 2018 Retweet the following tweet between the days listed (3/23~4/6) to win Kiiyan’s autograph. (Must live in Japan to win.) Details Event:  Twitter campaign Prize:  Kiiyan’s autograph Twitter account:  @ikemen_live Campaign Dates:  3/23~4/6/2018

Win a coaster signed by Kiiyan

Inagawa Eri and Kiiyan signed coasters as giveaways for their appearance on 『手酌ですみません!』. There are five coasts available with Kiiyan’s signature, and five with Inagawa’s. Viewers of the show can apply to win here. Details Event:  Autographed goods giveaway Entry Deadline:  2/13/2018 @ 17:00 JST URL:  

Present announced for part 2 of 『GRANRODEOの踊ロデオ3 後編』

One lucky winner will take home a pair of shisa painted by Kiiyan and e-zuka. Watch the upcoming episode and submit the correct keyword on the TBS site for a chance to win! Details Channel: TBS 2 Air Date:  1/27/2018 @ 18:30~19:00 Details: Entry Form: Contest Dates:  1/27/2018 @ 18:00 ~ 2/9/2018 @ 17:00 … More Present announced for part 2 of 『GRANRODEOの踊ロデオ3 後編』