G9 Blu-ray/DVD Animate Exclusives!

Fans who buy the G9 Blu-ray or DVD at Animate, will get one of two special clear files, as shown here. In addition, the Blu-ray/DVD sets will contain an entry form for a lottery to win one of ten signed G9 brochures. Entries are due by November 4th. The Blu-ray/DVDs go on sale October 22nd.

G9 Blu-ray/DVD covers & track listings

DISC 1 GRANRODEO LIVE 2014 G9 ROCK☆SHOW 1.5 (sun) Saitama Super Arena 01. OPENING 02. The Other self 03. アウトサイダー 04. SUPERNOVA 05. 愛のWarrior 06. カナリヤ 07. Passion 08. baby bad boy 09. ウィッチハンター 10. Beat it, Love! 11. Snow Pallet 12. NOT for SALE 13. 恋音 14. 21st CENTURY LOVERS (Acoustic ver.) 15. 偏愛の輪舞曲 … More G9 Blu-ray/DVD covers & track listings

G9 DVD/Blu-Ray Info

Nothing official on the Lantis site yet, but an enterprising Twitter user has found the following info: Release date:  10/22/14 Format:  DVD, Blu-ray. Each is 3 discs. Disc 1  (Saitama Super Arena), Disc 2 (Osaka-jo Hall), Disc 3 (Magical Rodeo Tour finale, 7/6, Zepp Tokyo) Cost: 11,800 yen (12,744 with tax) Extras:  The Blu-ray comes … More G9 DVD/Blu-Ray Info