Show by Rock Crow figure

The figure, due out in August/September of next year, is currently available for preorder from Hobby Japan here.  Crow is made to order, so he may not be available from other vendors at a later time. Preorders run until 12/12/16, and he’ll set you back 12,960円 + tax.

Nakahara Chuuya nendoroid

On sale in March, 2017, Chuuya’s nendoroid comes with a variety of faces and poses including a rather droll one from his argument with Dazai in season one. The cost to bring him home is 4167 yen + tax.

Wonderfest announcements

Several of Kiiyan’s characters have figures coming out in the future, per this past weekend’s Wonder Fest:  Jean (Shingeki no Kyojin), Chuuya (Bungo Stray Dogs) and Crow (Show by Rock).

Bakumatsu Rock Sakamoto Ryoma figures

This site hasn’t featured any Kiiyan character-related goods of late, so here’s two Ryoma figures coming out in September: Mini, SD version 『みにっしも』 Orders start today for this cutie. He’s 6800 yen. And announced earlier this year, the big-size version of Ryoma retails for 15,800 yen.