Win Kiiyan’s autograph

On March 8th, the Seigura NicoNico channel will be hosting Anri Katsu and Hama Kento, who starred with Kiiyan and others in this January’s Edogawa Ranpo reading show. Members of the channel will have a chance to win a brochure signed by the main cast. Details can be found here.

Pics from the Edogawa Ranpo reading

朗読劇 まさかの紫カブりは社長さん — 谷山紀章 (@kishownstarmaps) January 15, 2019   おとといの新春朗読シアターの楽屋ショット♪ またマント着たいなあww#新春朗読シアター#谷山紀章#代永翼#勝杏里 — 勝杏里 (@bigfatduck4) January 15, 2019   本日は賢プロダクション新春朗読会、満員御礼ありがとうございました! — KENTARO UTSUMI (@kentarock396) January 13, 2019   明日の賢プロ朗読劇ゲネプロでした♪面白い仕上がりになってます✨お楽しみに😆明智小五郎の紀章もお楽しみに👍✨💕1月13日日曜日 13時〜 17時〜日経ホール#谷山紀章#賢プロ#怪人二十面相 — かないみか (@MIkAKANAI3018) January 12, 2019   賢プロ朗読打ち上げに〜て😆✨👍💕紀章、両手に可愛子ちゃん😆www、、、ごめんちゃw 道子さんはマジ可愛い❤️#賢プロ#谷山紀章#野村道子#かないみか — かないみか (@MIkAKANAI3018) January 16, 2019

Edogawa Ranpo reading on DVD

Sunday’s reading of 明智小五郎・黒蜥蜴 will be coming out on DVD from ColoRevo this March. Included will be a special pamphlet. Details Item:  明智小五郎・黒蜥蜴 DVD Price:  ¥4,320 (tax included) Release Date:  3/27/2019 Preorder Deadline:  2/28/2019 Purchase URL:  ColoRevo online site

Edogawa Ranpo reading event

Kiiyan will join some of his fellow KenPo seiyuu (Anri Katsu, Yonaga Tsubasa) and others for a dramatic reading of two of Edogawa Ranpo’s short stories, 「怪人二十面相・小林少年」and 「明智小五郎・黒蜥蜴」. The Animate ticket lottery just ended, but the general sale is coming up, starting December 1st. Details Event:  Edogawa Ranpo New Year Reading Theater Date:  January 13, 2019 @ 13:00 & 17:00 … More Edogawa Ranpo reading event