Taniyama Kishou’s Carefree Walk in Shizuoka event

【イベント】DVD「谷山紀章のお気楽さんぽ。in静岡(ゲスト #森久保祥太郎)」の #谷山紀章 さんによる『直筆サイン入りブロマイドお渡し会』が開催決定!・開催日時:2019/10/22(火・祝)16時開演・開催場所:アニメイト渋谷・応募締切:2019/9/17までhttps://t.co/zVVNrATunN#お気楽さんぽ pic.twitter.com/2nDyA91c11 — 【公式】谷山紀章のお気楽さんぽ。@第3弾DVD好評発売中! (@taniyama_sanpo) March 1, 2019 Details Event:  Greeting & bromide distribution Guest:  Taniyama Kishou Date:  10/22/2019 (Time TBD) Venue: Animate Shibuya Lottery: Entry form included with the DVD (sale date 7/26/2019); purchase must be by 9/9/2019 @ 23:59 JST Notification: 9/17/2019

Taniyama’s Carefree Walk in Shizuoka

This time around, Morikubo Shoutarou joins Kiiyan on a trip to Shizuoka. The pair visited Atami and Numazu, and we’ll get to enjoy them shopping, drinking and watching dolphins (and hopefully an onsen or two). Details Product:  谷山紀章のお気楽さんぽ。 in静岡 DVD Release Date:  7/26/2019 Price: 7,344 円 (tax included) Store Bonus:  Bromide (will differ between Animate … More Taniyama’s Carefree Walk in Shizuoka

Mr. Tambourine Man DVD sneak peak

タンブリニストの皆様、あけましておめでとうございます!今年も「谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man」をよろしくお願い致します。 新年最初の画像はDJCD⑫の特典DVDの様子をお届け☆測定中のきーやんと、カメラを準備するジョイさんをパシャリ(・ω・)ノ実はこの測定で、意外な事実が発覚…?! pic.twitter.com/Fmgv7m2WcP — 谷山紀章のMr.TM 公式 (@tk_mtm) January 9, 2019

Edogawa Ranpo reading on DVD

Sunday’s reading of 明智小五郎・黒蜥蜴 will be coming out on DVD from ColoRevo this March. Included will be a special pamphlet. Details Item:  明智小五郎・黒蜥蜴 DVD Price:  ¥4,320 (tax included) Release Date:  3/27/2019 Preorder Deadline:  2/28/2019 Purchase URL:  ColoRevo online site

『TAKE ME TO THE OH!ITA 〜谷山紀章のロックな休日2〜』 announced

Kiiyan, Anri Katsu and Hayashi Yuu once again take off in search of adventure … and iichiko, this time in Oita on the island of Kyushu. The DVD has two discs:  the main show + a bonus disc with other videos. It also comes with a photo booklet. If you order from Animate, the bonuses … More 『TAKE ME TO THE OH!ITA 〜谷山紀章のロックな休日2〜』 announced