Dead Apple movie event

改めまして本日の完成披露を全国各地にてご鑑賞頂き有難うございました!また公式スタッフにもお手紙や色紙を頂き、重ねてお礼申し上げます。公開は3月3日(土)!このあと24時より初日舞台挨拶が実施劇場のオンラインにて販売スタート!ご来場お待ちしております! #bungosd — アニメ「文豪ストレイドッグス」公式 (@bungosd_anime) February 24, 2018

JOYTV appearance

In conjunction with the release of Deadly Drive, Granrodeo will appear on karaoke system JOYSOUND’s JOYTV from March 1~31st. Source:

Fuji TV TUNE appearance

An interview with Kiiyan and e-zuka will be aired on the Fuji TV show TUNE this Friday night/Saturday morning. Detail Show:  TUNE Station:  Fuji TV Air Date/Time:  2/23/2018 @ 27:30~28:00 (Saturday morning @ 3:30 AM) URL:

OK Music 「Deadly Drive」interview

The interview can be found here. We learn some interesting tidbits: 「Deadly Drive」has the theme of life and death Kiiyan used to practice the pro wrestling move Cobra Twist on one of his brothers e-zuka suggested the use of autotune for  the coupling song「マジカル・ストーリー」 「マジカル・ストーリー」has such a different sound from every other Granrodeo song that … More OK Music 「Deadly Drive」interview

Shibuya Note TV appearance

Granrodeo will be joining E-girls (あいしてると言ってよかった), Golden Bomber (やさしくしてね), SCANDAL (プラットホームシンドローム) and BLUE ENCOUNT (灯せ) on this NHK music television show hosted by Watanabe Naomi and Tokui Yoshimi.   The show will air on Sunday, 2/4/2018, and Ro-gumi members will be given a chance to win tickets to the recording (which happens the day before)!   … More Shibuya Note TV appearance