OK Music 「Deadly Drive」interview

The interview can be found here. We learn some interesting tidbits: 「Deadly Drive」has the theme of life and death Kiiyan used to practice the pro wrestling move Cobra Twist on one of his brothers e-zuka suggested the use of autotune for  the coupling song「マジカル・ストーリー」 「マジカル・ストーリー」has such a different sound from every other Granrodeo song that … More OK Music 「Deadly Drive」interview

Dead Apple premiere event

Kiiyan will join Ueumura Yuuto (Atsushi) and Ono Kensho (Akutagawa) at the premiere showing of the upcoming Bungo Stray Dogs movie, Dead Apple at the Marunouchi Piccadilly theatre on February 24th. After the screening, there will be a cast talk. Various theatres around the country will also host a live viewing event. A list of … More Dead Apple premiere event