Sega Collaboration Cafe Stand Namba

For a week and a half this December, Sega will be hosting a mini-Granrodeo cafe at their Namba Sennichimae location. A selection of drinks and merchandise from the Akihabara location will be available. Each drink purchase will come with a random coaster. Details Event:  Cafe Stand Namba Dates:  12/4~12/16/2018 Venue:  Sega Namba Sennichimae, 4th floor Source:  … More Sega Collaboration Cafe Stand Namba

Sega Cafe menu & goods

The full list of food, goods and bonuses can be found here. Highlights include one drink type for each album, a curry dish, eggs Benedict and two parfaits. Each dish comes with a bonus coaster, which is random for the drinks. Goods include can badges, ball point pens, can badges, bromides and water bottles. For … More Sega Cafe menu & goods

Sega Cafe reservations

Reservations have opened for the first few days of the Sega Granrodeo collaboration cafe. Reservations can be done online only, and are done by lottery. Details Reservation site You must create an account on the site, but it is free to do so. You just need an email account. The reservation dates, lottery dates, and … More Sega Cafe reservations