Yume 100 x Bungo Stray Dogs collboration

Starting April 17th, the smartphone Yume 100 game will be featuring a collaboration with the Bungo Stray Dogs animation, and Kiiyan’s character Nakahara Chuuya’s character will appear at some point during the collaboration. 【コラボイベント予告 1/2】『文豪ストレイドッグス』×『夢100』コラボが4/17(水)よりスタート!コラボでは【中島敦(CV:上村祐翔)】と、ほか3名のキャラクターが登場決定♪アプリ内お知らせにて、コラボ登場キャラクター&イベントVer.真琴王子・澄快王子の姿を公開中! #bungosd #夢100 pic.twitter.com/fVjOaha3xx — 夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様~公式 (@yume100prince) April 11, 2019

「セツナの愛」in-store bonuses

Artist Photo Benefits: Tower Record: L-size bromide TSUTAYA: L-size bromide HMV: L-size bromide Gamers: L-size bromide Amazon: L size bromide Rakuten Books: Postcard L-MART/A! SMART/Bandai Visual Club: 2 L-size bromides3 Anime Jacket Illustration Benefits: Animate: B5 clear file Toranoana: L-size bromide Seven Net Shopping: L-size bromide

New single: 「セツナの愛」

The Bungou Stray Dogs’ third season OP, 「セツナの愛」, will be released this spring in three editions:  anime, regular and limited. CD Jackets Track List セツナの愛 <New Song> セツナの愛 (OFF VOCAL) <New Song> (OFF VOCAL) Limited Edition includes the blu-ray music video for セツナの愛 Limited Live Serial Number The CD will include a serial number for a special … More New single: 「セツナの愛」

New single!

Starting 2019 off with a bang, Lantis announced that Granrodeo will be doing the OP for the upcoming third season of Bungo Stray Dogs, which will air starting in April. Source: Lantis.jp, Bungo Stray Dogs anime site  

NEWTYPE anime awards

NEWTYPE unveiled their 2018 anime awards, and Kiiyan/Granrodeo featured in several categories. Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple took 1st place for Best Movie Deadly Drive took 2nd place for Best Theme Song Kiiyan took 4th place for Best Male Seiyuu Nakahara Chuuya took 2nd place for Best Male Character The full set of awards can be viewed here.     … More NEWTYPE anime awards