New Boyfriend (Kari) songs coming

The official music project site for the online dating sim game BF (Kari) has announced a new set of songs featuring several of the game’s many seiyuu. One set will include Kiiyan, Seki Tomokazu, Suzmura Kenichi and Kakihara Tetsuya. Kiiyan and Kakki will duet on a theme song, but no other details yet available.

Boyfriend (Kari) Character Song Album vol.2

This release bundles the previously released character singles with new group song. So in addition to Kiiyan’s incredibly catch Masaomi song, 「ありふれた言いたい事なんて言わないよ 君にだけは」, there will be a new group song, 「君が答えに辿り着くまで」, featuring Kiiyan, Yusa Kouji, Fukuyama Jun and Kakihara Tetsuya. Track listing (order unknown at this point) New songs: ・「君が答えに辿り着くまで」 九条生晋(CV:Yusa Kouji)、西園寺蓮(CV:Fukuyama Jun)、鷹司正臣(CV:Taniyama Kishou)、壬生虎冴(CV:Kakihara Tetsuya) ・「iiiiiLOVE … More Boyfriend (Kari) Character Song Album vol.2