The official Granrodeo site updated with media coverage for 「TRASH CANDY」.     Print 「B=PASS」 — Issue 5, for sale on 3/26, behind the scenes of the「TRASH CANDY」 video + short interview 「Music Up’s」 — Available 4/20, cover + interview 「Anican」 — Available 4/29, cover + interview 「CUT」 — Issue 5, available 4/19, interview Online 「Akiba … More 「TRASH CANDY」media

BARKS interview

The interview (in Japanese) is here. Tidbits:  「追憶の輪郭」was meant to be on 「カルマとラビリンス』, but e-zuka felt it didn’t fit thematically with the album’s concept, and adding it to the tracklist would’ve made the album over 60 minutes. So they kept it off. But he felt they shouldn’t just forget about it, so it that’s why … More BARKS interview

Punky Funky Love media

From the official Web site: [Magazine/free paper] YOUNG GUITAR <January 10 release> (e-ZUKA interview) CD & DL data <January 14 sale>  Anikan FREE <issued January 16> okmusic UP’s <issued January 20> Pick-upVoice <January 26 sale> B = PASS <issued January 27> Voice Animage Plus 2015 <February 6 issue> Animage <issued February 10> [Web site]  Natalie … More Punky Funky Love media

SID’s Shinji on picking Granrodeo for his collab

From the BARKS English site, a translation of Shinji’s comment from the COLLABO BANG site: I was first introduced to GRANRODEO through their videos. When I first saw them live, I fell in love with KISHOW-san’s vocals and e-ZUKA-san’s masterful playing. I wanted to do something with them in one way or another! I’m very … More SID’s Shinji on picking Granrodeo for his collab