15th anniversary book

Also announced tonight was a 15th anniversary book (that e-ZUKA joked would be “all nude”) coming out from B-Pass publications. More details will be forthcoming soon.

B-Pass pics

【BACKSTAGE PASS2020年10月号】#GRANRODEO(#KISHOW/e-ZUKA)着用着用アイテム●KISHOWR1249DR788BR1161CZBK●e-ZUKANE1269BR1270 #backstagepass https://t.co/3xmanPRK4U pic.twitter.com/V5cZl4aCRp — PUERTA DEL SOL OFFICIAL (@PUERTA_EBISU) August 27, 2020  

October B-Pass

本日発売!GRANRODEOトリビュートアルバム『RODEO FREAK』に参加した超特急とGRANRODEOの対談取材が実現。8月27日発売B-PASS10月号に掲載します! GRANRODEO×超特急(リョウガ、タカシ)の貴重な4ショット、クロストーク、お楽しみにしてください。#GRANRODEO#GR15TH#超特急 — B-PASS(ビーパス) (@BP_30th) August 19, 2020 Details Title:  B-Pass 10/20 Content:  Photos & cross-talk with 超特急 Release Date:  8/27/2020 Price:  880 + tax

April 2018 B-Pass

Details Magazine:  B-Pass, April 2018 Release Date:  2/27/2018 Price:  860 yen (tax included) URL:  https://www.shinko-music.co.jp/item/pid2175571804/

10/17 B-Pass magazine

The upcoming October issue of B-Pass will have a Granrodeo article. Details Title:  B-Pass Issue:  10/2017 Release Date:  August 26, 2017 Price:  860 yen URL:  https://www.shinko-music.co.jp/b-pass/