Anisama 2021 appearance confirmed

「Animelo Summer Live 2021 -COLORS-」に#GRANRODEO が出演決定🔥 8/28(土)に出演いたしますのでぜひ一緒にアニサマを盛り上げてください💨 日時:8/27(金)、28(土)、29(日)会場:さいたまスーパーアリーナ#GR15TH #anisama — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) March 14, 2021 Last year Granrodeo were announced for Anisama 2020. This week’s lineup announcement confirms that Granrodeo will appear on 8/28/2021.

Anisama 2020 postponed to 2021

【アニサマ2020チケットについて】現在お手元にお持ちのチケットは大切に保管ください。繰り越し公演、及び、チケットの払い戻し等に関しては、来月以降、確定次第、ご案内する予定です。今しばらくお待ちいただけますようお願い申し上げます。 #anisama ▶ — Animelo Summer Live (@anisama) May 28, 2020 The current plan is to hold the event 8/27-29/2021. Further details, including ticket handling, will be revealed on Nico Nico on 5/29/2020.  

Anisama 2020 theme song, なんてカラフルな世界!

Kiiyan will be joining Sora Amamiya, Oishi Masayoshi, Nakamura Sogo, i☆Ris and others to perform this year’s Anisama theme song, なんてカラフルな世界!. Details Title:  なんてカラフルな世界! Release Date:  6/12/2020 Price: 900 yen (tax included) Bonus:  Physical copies will come with 10 random trading cards URL:

Anisama 2018

Animelo Summer Live 2018 2日目 終演しました!ご来場頂いた皆様、最高の盛り上がりありがとうございました!#anisama #GRANRODEO — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) August 25, 2018

Kano sisters interview

The Kano sisters Mika and Kyoko, well-known for their sexy cosplay, attended their first Anisama this year, and interviewed a number of artists, Granrodeo included (Mika seems to have been quite taken with Kiiyan’s smile). Later this year, the interviews will make it onto a television show of theirs that discusses their Anisama experience.