Dear Birthday autograph giveaway

Follow the Dear Birthday Twitter account and retweet this tweet for a chance at Kiiyan’s autograph. The Dear Birthday recordings are only available via the Animate Channel app (and with a subscription to the service). Details Event:  Twitter giveaway Twitter Account:  DearBirthday365 Deadline:  3/20/2018 URL:

Dear Birthday

Although he’s a Leo, Kiiyan will be representing Pisces in the Dear Birthday project. The voice recordings for Dear Birthday are currently only available through the Animate Channel app (which will be closing down soon). For details on pricing, see the official Dear Birthday page.

Win a sea shell from Kiiyan & Kawada Shinji

Kiiyan and Kawada-san spend the first episode of Kiiyan’s new Animate Channel show hunting down a tiny clam shell on the beaches of Kamakura. If you’re signed up for the Animate Channel site, you can enter to win the shell.   Details Entry URL: (scroll to the bottom) Entry Dates:  2/22 ~ 5/7/2017 23:59 … More Win a sea shell from Kiiyan & Kawada Shinji