Punky Funky Love media

From the official Web site: [Magazine/free paper] YOUNG GUITAR <January 10 release> (e-ZUKA interview) CD & DL data <January 14 sale>  Anikan FREE <issued January 16> okmusic UP’s <issued January 20> Pick-upVoice <January 26 sale> B = PASS <issued January 27> Voice Animage Plus 2015 <February 6 issue> Animage <issued February 10> [Web site]  Natalie … More Punky Funky Love media

Flow x Granrodeo upcoming media

From the Granrodeo Web site: Print 「Weekly Shonen Jump #49」(KOHSHI、KEIGO、KISHOW、鈴木央先生対談)(On sale 11/5) 「Risuani! Vol. 19」(FLOW×GRANRODEO Interview)(On sale 11/8) 「CD&DL Data」(撮り下ろし& FLOW×GRANRODEO Interview ー 6P)(On sale 11/14) 「WHAT’s IN」(FLOW×GRANRODEO Interview)(On sale 11/14) 「Anican Vol. 141」(FLOW×GRANRODEO Interview)(Available 11/14) 「okmusic UP’s」(FLOW×GRANRODEO Cover & Interview 6P)(Available 11/20) TV 「Risuani!TV」 11/15 &22 — 24:00〜24:30