GRANRODEOの踊ロデオ!Blu-rays announced!

A two blu-ray set of Granrodeo’s TBS TV series GRANRODEOの踊ロデオ!has been announced. Disc one will include all episodes from series 1-3, while disc two will include all episodes from series 4-5 plus the two 15th anniversary events.  The discs can be bought separately, or as a two disc set. Orders received by 4/16/2021 @ 10:00 JST will be shipped on the release date.

Those who reserve the discs early will receive several special benefits. Disc one comes with a mask case, disc two comes with a ticket holder. The box set includes both these bonuses, plus an acrylic key holder, a special disc case, and a ticket for a online event. Further details about the event and the goods will be provided later.


Item:  GRANRODEOの踊ロデオ!blu-ray
Release Date:  5/26/2021
Price:  Disc 1 (9900 yen), Disc 2 (9900 yen), Box set (19,800 yen) tax not included
Event Details:  TBD