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Kiiyan and a handful of other seiyuu — Kamiya Hiroshi, Namikawa Daisuke, Ono Kensho, Hirata Hiroaki, Yuki Aoi, Ogata Megumi and Kotono Mitsuishi — will provide voice overs for re-enactment videos for the mystery-solving variety show 『ありえへん∞世界』. The show airs on TV Tokyo and is hosted by members of the Johnny’s group Kanjani 8.

Kiiyan provide voice-over for five videos according to Animate Times. Here’s two examples (how appropriate to give him the airplane one!):

  • Aircraft Panic! What is the truth of the shock hidden behind passengers who disappeared at 10,000 meters !?
  • Ship Panic! The ship sank with sudden rough waves! What is the result of the shock that happened to the rescue team after 3 days !?


Show:  『ありえへん∞世界』
Station:  TV Tokyo
Air Date:  6/26/2018
Air Time: 18:55~20:54
URLs:  Animate Times『ありえへん∞世界』