FAB LOVE in-store bonuses

Roger and Gina benefits: Animate: Rubber strap (Roger & Gina Ver.) Tower Records: Rubber Strap (Roger Ver.) Amazon: Rubber strap (Gina Ver.) L-MART/A! SMART/Bandai Visual Club: Heart type can badge (Roger Ver.) TSUTAYA: Heart type can badge (Gina Ver.) Artist Photo Benefits: Toranoana: L-size bromide HMV: L-form bromide WonderGOO / Shinmokudo: L size bromide Seven … More FAB LOVE in-store bonuses

「M・S COWBOYの逆襲」store bonuses

Store Original Bonus: Greeting card Animate Large size bromide Tower Records TSUTAYA RECORDS HMV WonderGOO/Shinseido Seven Net Shopping Amazon Can Badge (shaped like a cowboy belt buckle): Animate (including Animate online) Tower Records TSUTAYA RECORDS / TSUTAYA online (reservation only) HMV (including online) WonderGOO/Shinseido Seven Net Shopping Toranoana Sofmap Animega · Bunkyo Yodobashi Camera Joshin … More 「M・S COWBOYの逆襲」store bonuses

Kiiyan’s Carefree Walk bromides

Order a copy of the upcoming “Kiiyan’s Carefree Walk in Yamaguchi” from Animate and get two bromides while supplies last. 【特典情報】DVD「谷山紀章のお気楽さんぽ。in山口」のアニメイト早期予約特典『2ショットブロマイド』の写真を公開!🐯早期予約特典の締切は2018年3月18日となりますので、是非ご予約ください⭐️#お気楽さんぽ #谷山紀章 #下野紘 #アニメイト特典https://t.co/QnCPjPYWN1 pic.twitter.com/J2AP1PMxIc — 【公式】谷山紀章のお気楽さんぽ。@第3弾DVD好評発売中! (@taniyama_sanpo) January 22, 2018

「Deadly Drive」in-store bonuses + OP/ED purchase bonus

In-store bonuses have been announced for the new single, 「Deadly Drive」. Animate:  Jacket-sized drawing from series manga artist Harukawa Sango TSUTAYA:  Drawing by character designer/chief animation director Nobuhiro Arai + Granrodeo postcard Tower Records:  Granrodeo L-size bromide Gamers:  Granrodeo L-size bromide HMV: Granrodeo L-size bromide WonderGOO/Shinseido:  Granrodeo L-size bromide Bunkyodo/Animega:  Granrodeo can badge 57 mm SevenNet … More 「Deadly Drive」in-store bonuses + OP/ED purchase bonus