Carefree Walk event goods

Details Items: Can badges (12 designs) — 500 yen (can purchase up to 12) Clear file set (2( — 1000 yen (can purchase up to 5) Cookies + bonus bromide — 800 yen (can purchase up to 5) Sale Time:  11:00 (line forms at 10:00)

General lottery for Kiiyan Sanpo event

Animate is running a general lottery for tickets to the June 23rd event with Kiiyan, Shimono Hiro and Kawada Shinji. The lottery runs from May 31~June 3, 2018, with results announced on June 5th. Details Event:  Talk show Guests:  Taniyama Kishou, Shimono Hiro, Kawada Shinji Location:  Rune Kodaira Hall Date:  June 23, 2018 Tickets:

Taniyama Kishou’s Carefree Walk bonus video

【特典映像】見所をご紹介! 未公開の「着物選び」は谷山さんと下野さんが着物を選んでいるシーンをたっぷりお届けします✨一緒に着物を選んでいる気分でお楽しみ下さい〜👘 💿DVD発売日:2018年4月27日(金)出演: #谷山紀章 #下野紘#お気楽さんぽアニメイト予約⇒ — 【公式】谷山紀章のお気楽さんぽ。@第3弾DVD好評発売中! (@taniyama_sanpo) April 2, 2018 There will be bonus footage of Kiiyan and Shimono selecting kimono, so viewers can feel like they’re with the pair, choosing what to wear.