Rodeo Club season III, episode 2

Gyuuho are back again, still plotting original goods. Ushiyama settles on a cow-patterned towel, while Ushizuka, with his sights set on the world, upgrades his cow design from season II and opts for Gyuuho Yakisoba (since Granrodeo had chips). There’s also a report from the Shinjuku guerilla live. Next time:  G10!

Rodeo Club airing time change

The 10/31 show will air from 24:30~25:00. This week’s show will feature the guerilla live in front of the Shinjuku Alta, more deliberation about what will happen at the new year’s Rodeo Club show, and Ushiyama and Ushizuka will be back to discuss 牛歩 goods again!

牛歩 goods

The lucky fans whose letters were read on air during the last Rodeo Club episode get these awesome 牛歩 cups!