V.I.P. press interview

There’s a long interview (Japanese only) with Kiiyan and e-zuka up on the V.I.P. Press web site. They talk some about 『ぐらP&ろで夫』, including e-zuka’s triumphant return behind the recording microphone. Apparently they had just finished recording for episodes 32-35. And they talk about G10, and how they picked Makuhari Messe so they could give fans … More V.I.P. press interview

New single has a title!

Lantis announced today that the new single (which will have 3  songs + off vocals) will be called 「メモリーズ」(Memories). (This must have just been decided on, since as recently as last weekend, e-zuka and Kiiyan were swearing it didn’t have a name yet!)