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This site aims to provide current news for Kiiyan as a seiyuu/singer, e-zuka as a musician and Granrodeo as a unit (including the support members). There will be pictures, links to articles, translations and more. What won’t be here are links to pirated music/videos or full article scans, so please do not ask for them.  If you have any questions for me, please contact me at kaigairg@summer-queen.jp.

Taniyama Kishou (nickname Kiiyan) is a Japanese voice actor (seiyuu) affiliated with the  KenPro agency.  He’s been active since 1997, appearing in many series, games and drama CDs (Japanese Wikipedia listing, Anime News Network). He has a broad range, which he puts to good use voicing leading men in shoujo series and dating sims, rough and tumble guys in shounen anime, and ero roles in both BL and R18 offerings.

Over the years, Kiiyan has been a member of several seiyuu singing units, beginning with G.I.zoku in 1999. In 2004, as Jackie Yang, he  joined forces  with fellow KimiNozu seiyuu Kuribayashi Minami and now former Nitro Chiral PR rep Joy Max in Wild Sannin Musume (Three Wild Sisters), perhaps best known for their wild afro wigs and shiny outfits. Kiiyan has also been a member of the Kin’iro no Corda units Stella Quintet and Stella Quintet+, and most recently, he’s been a part of STARISH, a singing unit formed out of the Uta no Prince-sama games.

When he’s not busy being a seiyuu, Kiiyan is also one half of the rock unit GRANRODEO, providing the vocals (as KISHOW) to Iizuka Masaaki’s (e-ZUKA’s) guitar. The pair formed in 2005 after recording a single for Taniyama’s KimiNozo character. e-ZUKA has been a session musician in the Jrock and anime scene for over 20 years, working with other seiyuu  — Kuribayashi  Minami, 2Hearts — and as leader for the Neoromance house band, Ruby Party.

Granrodeo’s  first album followed in 2007, as did their first “one man lives,” at the now defunct Yokohama Blitz. To date they have released 21 singles, 5 studio albums and 2 best-of albums,  a slew of live DVDs and two video collections. Their style can’t really be pigeon-holed, as they combine hard rock with hiphop, acoustic, strings, metal and more. Their influences include KISS, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and much more. KISHOW writes all the lyrics (except for a handful of very early songs) and e-ZUKA composes and arranges the music. Over the years they’ve provided a number of opening/closing/insert songs for anime and video games, including IGPXKarneval, Togainu no Chi, Koi Suru Angelique, and four for Kuroko no Basuke.

They tour frequently, and have graduated to larger venues such as the Budokan (2010, 2011), Yokohama Arena (2013), Saitama Super Arena (2014) and Osaka-jo Hall (2014), although spring and summer of 2014 saw them playing live houses, including such tiny venues as the Miyagi Rensa, Kumamoto Drum Be-9 and Hakodate Club COCOA. KISHOW and e-ZUKA are usually joined on stage by bassist Takita Isamu and drummer Nagai “Val” Icihirou, both studio musicians and members of the heavy metal band ARK STORM. Granrodeo are regulars at the yearly Animelo and Animax Music festivals, and in 2013, joined T.M. Revolution’s Inazuma Rock Festival for the first time. 2013 also saw the first instance of their own rock festival,  GRANRODEO FES 2013 ROUND GR, held at FujiQ Highland. 2014 has seen them participate in live collaborations with Kishidan, Daigo and MUCC, including sharing the stage with Vamps, the Gazette, Kuroyume and Rip Slyme at Kishidan’s upcoming Banpaku Expo in Chiba. They will also join their fellow label-mates at four of the eight Lantis Matsuri festivals.

KISHOW and e-ZUKA frequently engage with their fans — RODEO BOYS and RODEO GIRLS — on stage, at handshake/high five events, special meetups, and more, including their special “Aozora Live” where they dressed as cows and billed themselves as a Granrodeo cover band, Gyuuho. As part of 2014’s Magical Rodeo Tour, they held two special shows, one for guys only, one for women. At each, they came out dressed in drag as the all-girl Granrodeo cover band (yes another one!) LOVELY STUPID, who had debuted at their original “otoko matsuri/guys festival” five years prior. They also dressed as tough guys (for the guys) and impeccable butlers (for the women).

2012 saw the formation of Granrodeo’s fan club, Ro-gumi, and the start of Fan Club-only events such as the first Fan Club live on 7/1/2012, 2012/2013’s New Years shows and the Special Acoustic Program in October 2013. 2014 saw a select few (~600) Ro-gumi road trip to Shizuoka in October to join KISHOW and e-ZUKA at a resort for a mini-live, party and photo shoot. The fan club trips have continued since then, including Niigata (2016), Okinawa (2017), Taiwan (2018) and Ube (2018). 2019 will see a return of the FC-exclusive acoustic shows, this time at the Nakano Sun Plaza.

2013 also saw the duo’s first TV show, Rodeo Club, which ran on BS Fuji for ten weeks leading up to the Yokohama Arena shows, and later had a New Year’s special the night before the G9 live at Saitama Super Arena.

2014 was a busy year, as the band had a 14 date tour in the spring and summer, including guys-only and women-only shows. They also performed at various festivals (Kishidan Banpaku, Lantis Matsuri), plus in several collaborative shows (with Kishidan, Daigo and SiD). Fall saw a new season of the tv show — including a new short animated feature, GuraP & RodeO — plus the release of their sixth studio album, カルマとラビリンス. 2014 also marked the first collaboration between FLOW and Granrodeo, with the single -7-seven.

2015, 10th anniversary year! First up was a tour in support of the new album, including two special hometown dates in Yamaguchi and Niigata. June saw the second ROUND GR FES, featuring Flow, MUCC, Breakerz, Miyano Mamoru and OCD. July brought an outdoor performance at the Fuji TV summer matsuri, while August brought Kiiyan’s 40th birthday party (which he ended up celebrating with 430+ fans, Granrodeo and various other seiyuu), a GuraP talk show and a memorable performance at Anisama. Kurobasu Cup 2015 was in September, and then the main event, G10, took up a weekend at Makuhari Messe. Two fan club shows followed on the band’s actual 10th anniversary (November 23rd) and the guys wrapped up the year with a double dose at the Budokan:  a Rodeo Club special and a countdown live.

2016 started off quietly, with the G10 photo book release in February, and a fan event for 200 lucky fans in March after that. The 2016 Treasure Candy tour started in July and ended up running 14 shows, including a televised show on Kiiyan’s birthday at the Hibiya Yaon. Year-end saw Granrodeo join May’n and others at Mie’s Nagashima Spa Land for a count down live.

2017 saw a new album — Pierrot Dancin’ — with six mini-events, a pair of special release events at Zepp Diver City and an 18 date tour, again including a televised live for Kiiyan’s birthday. Shortly after the tour, Granrodeo appeared at Summer Sonic (Osaka) for the first time. And for the first time, the fan club trip required an airplane — Okinawa! Okinawa saw not only a sunset beach acoustic live, but G7, overlooked in 2012. Fall also saw an announcement no one ever expected:  Granrodeo to play overseas for the first time in 2018!

January 2018 marked the second collaboration between FLOW and Granrodeo, Howling. To mark the occasion there was a mini-tour and fan events. March then saw the two bands head to Taiwan for two shows in Taipei, making Kiiyan’s first overseas trip quite memorable. Otherwise, 2018 was a quiet year for Granrodeo, with mostly festivals. The exceptions were two hometown shows in Niigata in May and a birthday live in Ube for Kiiyan’s birthday (linked with a full-on Fan Club trip). The year will wrap up with Granrodeo again appearing at Rock Beats Cancer.

2019-2020 info coming soon!

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