Cross media project 「ゲキ×メン」series

This new project, helmed by experienced writers, animators and directors from such series as Uta no Prince-sama, B-PRO, Harukanaru toki no naka de and more, will feature young actors, particularly those known for their 2.5 D stage work. Kiiyan will also be contributing to the series.

The first event in this new cross over series will be 『絶響MUSICA THE STAGE』, to be held this April. Kiiyan will be participating, but in a voice capacity only. The story is described like so:  The play depicts a story of friendship, growth and adventure for six high school students and six buddies. A high school student who loves music, Hibiki Utsumil, is told by a mysterious light that came down from the sky one day, “Save the stars with your music….”

For details on the event, please see’s write-up here.