Abema TV tweets w/videos

Note: All the tweets have videos, but the way Abema embeds them, you’ll need to click through to the tweets to see. #声優と夜あそび 木曜#Abemaビデオ 限定ver公開中📺 iPadユーザ📱の#浪川大輔×#谷山紀章 にオススメ神アプリを紹介✨ 2人の顔をおじいちゃん顔にチェンジしたり👴メイクアップしてみたり…💄⁉ 詳しい内容は #浪川谷山と夜あそび 延長戦でチェックしてね👇@namidai0402 @kishownstarmaps — ABEMAアニメ(アベアニ) (@Anime_ABEMA) October 25, 2019 浪川大輔は高橋大輔似、谷山紀章は米津玄師似? そっくりさん診断の結果で大盛り上がりhttps://t.co/6hBS3VDVcf#谷山紀章 #浪川大輔 #浪川谷山と夜あそび #声優と夜あそび@namidai0402 @kishownstarmaps — ABEMA TIMES (@ABEMATIMES) October 25, 2019 ビデオ限定ver 無料配信中🥂#声優と夜あそび \ピタリを狙え‼ 🙆‍♂️Yes・No🙅‍♂️アンケート/ Q「髭を生やした男はアリ?👨」 どれくらいの人がアリと答える?2人の予想は当たるのか😳 … More Abema TV tweets w/videos

BUCK-TICK tribute album

Today BUCK-TICK’s official site announced a new tribute album,『PARADE III ~RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK~』, featuring, Ringo Shiina, Dir en Grey, Sid, BRAHMAN and Granrodeo, among others. Details Title:  『PARADE III ~RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK~』 Format:  Single CD Release Date:  1/29/2020 Price:  3300 yen (tax included) Participating Artists:  Granrodeo, Dir en Grey, Sid, BRAHMAN, Der Zibet, … More BUCK-TICK tribute album

Animax Musix pic

ANIMAX MUSIX 2019のパンフレット撮影より、横浜公演にご出演いただくGRANRODEOさんのお写真をアップ☆ なお、横浜公演のイープラス最終先行の受付は本日18時までとなります!!#animaxmusix #GRANRODEO →https://t.co/NpMnlRMhfH pic.twitter.com/JbxduRfhFi — ANIMAX MUSIX (@animaxmusixjp) October 16, 2019

Rock Beats Cancer 2019

Granrodeo will again be joining LAZY for Rock Beats Cancer this December in at the EX Theater in Roppongi. Details Event:  Rock Beats Cancer Guests:  LAZY, Granrodeo Date:  12/27/2019 Location:  EX Theater Roppongi Tickets:  Standing — 7500 yen / Seated — 9000 yen (tax included) + 1 drink cover charge Sale Date:  11/30/2019 @ 10:00 … More Rock Beats Cancer 2019

Show by Rock Grateful Rock Festival general lottery

Tickets for the Show by Rock Grateful Rock Festival are now available via a week-long general lottery run on the Pony Canyon site. The best tickets, which included seats up front and an event-exclusive t-shirt are sold out, but “Rock” and general tickets are still available. Details Event:  Show by Rock!! 3969 Grateful Rock Festival … More Show by Rock Grateful Rock Festival general lottery

DJCD 谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~獅子奮迅~ fan events

Per usual, the upcoming DJCD release will have a serial number that can be used to enter the event lottery (only Animate purchases). The events will take place in Shibuya and Osaka in mid-February. Details are as follows: Shibuya Date:  February 15th, 2 shows Time:  TBD Location:  Animate Shibuya Contents:  Handing over event-limited signed bromide … More DJCD 谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~獅子奮迅~ fan events