Full Fab Love tour goods lineup announced

GRANRODEO LIVE TOUR 2019 "FAB LOVE" ツアーグッズ、いよいよ発表です! ツアーを味わうための必需品や、普段使いで楽しくなるようなグッズが盛りだくさんです! 物販詳細も合わせてご確認くださいませ!https://t.co/DH5JxuEBD3#GRANRODEO #FABLOVE pic.twitter.com/J8d0UiG9Uq — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) July 4, 2019 Including a toothbrush & holder, fan, ice cube tray & tumbler, venue-limited fastener bands with charms and more! The Granrodeo T-Card will also been on sale. See the website for full details, including sale times at each venue.