Fukuoka FAB LOVE release event

Show format:  Live recording (gekijo corner, gacha questions, interview about FAB LOVE), mini-live, high touch

Set List:  FAB LOVE, 日常ホライズン, Happy Life


  • Gekijo corner:  Kiiyan and e-ZUKA had to take turns playing a) a company employee two hours late and b) the buchou who needed to deal with the employee. e-ZUKA’s excuse? He was stuck on the toilet. Kiiyan’s way of dealing with him? “Shouganai ne….”
  • When asked what they did in Fukuoka that day, Kiiyan pointed out that it POURED and so they couldn’t go out. He kept asking if we’d reached tsuyu (rainy season yet), but nope. Just the “ame otoko” at work!
  • Kiiyan joked about the two filtered pics he posted to Twitter recently (nee-san, musuko versions of himself), saying that the little boy was an “ame musuko”  named Shinji
  • Kiiyan also kept calling Pierrot Dancin’ “Kuroko Dancin’,” which cracked e-zuka up
  • Kiiyan was wearing the most adorable Oscar the Grouch t-shirt that said “Don’t Kill my Vibe” on the back
  • Kiiyan missed his lead-in on Happy Life. Then flubbed some lyrics … and then e-ZUKA almost forgot to stop playing for the acapella part
  • e-ZUKA joked he’d be painting this tour (a la YORKE, I assume)
  • Kiiyan again expressed his affection for Fukuoka
  • When they came back out for the acoustic live, an attractive guy on the 2nd floor (free viewing area) shouted KISHOW, much to everyone’s amusement. He called for e-ZUKA later, who obliged by asking “Dare?” in a girly voice
  • Kiiyan’s voice was amazing, especially those high notes on FAB LOVE