P Show by Rock!! CD

P Show by Rock!! showcases the three new songs in the upcoming Show by Rock pachinko game, one each from Plasmagica, Shingan Crimsonz and Criticrista.  The Shingan Crimsonz song is titled “Anti Destiny,” and can be heard in the following video: Details CD:  P Show by Rock!! Format:  Single CD, 6 tracks Release Date: 6/19/2019 … More P Show by Rock!! CD

Corda Songs DVD

The recent Corda 15th anniversary Songs event is available for purchase (members only) through the Game City online store. It’ll come in two flavors: limited (with a variety of extras)and regular (no extras at all). Details DVD:  Corda Songs Format:  4 DVDs (regular edition), 4 DVDs + CD (limited edition) Extras:  (limited only) Back stage … More Corda Songs DVD

Lisoeuf♪ volume 13

The upcoming issue of Lisoeuf will feature Granrodeo on the back cover and include an interview. Details Magazine:  Lisoeuf Volume:  13 Release Date:  5/31/2019 Price: 1296 (tax included)

DJCD “Suzumura & Shimono no Kaettekita! Uta Puri Hosokyoku”

Kiiyan appears on disc three of the three disc set, which includes MP3 recordings of Shimono Hiro and Suzumura Kenichi’s UtaPri radio show from 2018. Details CD:  Suzumura & Shimono no Kaettekita! Uta Puri Hosokyoku Format:  3 CDs (2 from a live recording, 1 with mp3s of the radio show) Release Date: 4/24/2019 Price: 4140 … More DJCD “Suzumura & Shimono no Kaettekita! Uta Puri Hosokyoku”

Taniyama Kishou’s Carefree Walk in Shizuoka pics

【アルバム】静岡県の熱海駅からお散歩スタート!😁😄今回は天気にも恵まれて二人で楽しく商店街をぶら散歩&恋みくじで運試し🎶さて結果はいかに…?DVD「谷山紀章のお気楽さんぽ。in静岡」2019/7/26(金)発売出演:#谷山紀章 #森久保祥太郎#お気楽さんぽ予約はこちら⇒https://t.co/zVVNrABTwf pic.twitter.com/GVgVdyt7sL — 【公式】谷山紀章のお気楽さんぽ。@第3弾DVD好評発売中! (@taniyama_sanpo) April 23, 2019

Appearance on Nojima Hirofumi’s radio show

【✉メッセージ大募集】GRANRODEO(@GR_staff)さんのゲスト出演が決定‼番組ではみなさんからの質問、メッセージを大募集中🎶野島さんとお話して欲しいテーマなど、なんでもOK😊✨締切は、4/22(月)24時迄です。詳細は→https://t.co/1aOuGXqYNK #GRANRODEO #tojfm pic.twitter.com/Wl9ODY8S9m — ツアー・オブ・ジャパン (@TOJ_info) April 18, 2019 Details Contents:  Interview Air Dates:  5/16 & 5/23, 2019 Station & Messages: See the website