To celebrate Lantis’ 20th anniversary, four of their artists will be taking over a Tokyo FM time slot — 「THE QUARTER」– with Granrodeo up first. For three months, starting April 2nd, 「GRANRODEOのまたまたハートに火をつけて」will air at 25:00 on Wednesday mornings.

「THE QUARTER」will have extra smartphone content, a “director’s cut” of the show available for one week after airing and an email magazine. To check out the details, or leave a message for Kiiyan and e-zuka, check out the website.


Show:  「GRANRODEOのまたまたハートに火をつけて」
Station:  Tokyo FM
Air Date/Time: Tuesday, 25:00 (1:00 on Wednesday)
Program Site: http://mv-sp.gsj.bz/view.page/menu/program/quarter/top