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I was lucky enough to get tickets to both of yesterday’s recordings. And although my seats weren’t close, the hall was small and I had a great view. True to form for these kinds of recordings, Kiiyan was by turns silly, sexy and always mesmerizing (even when — especially when? — telling a ribald story). Here’s some quickie notes about the event, and I warn that one bit near the end is at least R-rated.

  • The overall format had Kiiyan sitting at a table on the stage, with a staffer to hand him questions submitted by attendees. The first show’s questions were for Kishomi (!) and the second for Kiiyan himself.
  • Because the questions were from attendees, he would ask folks to identify themselves.
  • Quite a few attendees were middle school girls, though there were some moms and a handful of Rodeo Boys (including one my friend and I had met at e-zuka’s Kichijoji show last summer — he gave us snacks from Nagoya)
  • Of course he asked who listened to the show, and teasingly chided those of us who don’t (like me).
  • Most of the questions ask for advice, or explain a scenario the fan is in and asking Kiiyan if he’s been in a similar situation. One corner had fans asking for Kiiyan to “yell” support for them. The Kishomi corner was the first he’s done so far. And the very last corner was “The immoral world Taniyama Kishou doesn’t know.” (that’s a mouthful!)
  • Someone asked Kiiyan’s thoughts on piercing and tattoos. He gestured to his left ear, which used to be pierced, and commented that when he was younger, he was okay with the idea, but not so much now (he didn’t mention he’s also terrified of needles and that’s one reason he doesn’t have tattoos). He asked how many of us were pierced/not pierced. A lot of us had earrings, of course.
  • We learned Kiiyan only sleeps 3-4 hours a night. And when he’s stressed out he goes to karaoke or a snack bar, where he can be taken care of.
  • Someone used “kabosu” as a pen name (a citrus fruit that Oita prefecture is known for; Kiiyan seemed to really like it in Take me to the OH!ita), so he asked the person if they were from Oita (nope).
  • One person wrote in her note that Kiiyan was her favorite seiyuu, so he grilled her on her other faves (Yusa, Yasumoto, Toriumi) and then made her say out loud who her favorite was.
  • When it was time for Kishomi’s corner, a staffer came out, and Kiiyan turned his back to us while they fitted him with a rose gold (pink) wig (which makes me laugh, because *my* hair is rose gold right now) and he struggled with putting a cute red and black bra on over his shirt (it was way too small for his back, so he didn’t hook it).
  • A bit of cup squeezing and Kiiyan decided Kishomi is a B cup. And He was going to make her blood type O, since that’s his preferred women’s type. But the audience said AB, so he went with that. And he pointed out that his mom and grandmum are A, while his dad and grandpa are B (as is Kiiyan himself).
  • A 40-something Rodeo Boy wrote Kishomi to note that he’s always surrounded by young women at Kiiyan’s events and Granrodeo shows and what could he do to attract them. Her advice was to bathe with some expensive body wash like Christian Dior.
  • Someone asked what Kishomi’s “fecchi” (fetish) was. Kiiyan/Kishomi was utterly stumped by this question, so we still don’t know.
  • Someone asked Kishomi what she would do if she suddenly found herself to be a man. Kishomi said that since Taniyama Kishou wanted to be Paris Hilton, maybe she would like to be Michael Jordan (famous basketball player).
  • For the “yell” corner, they did special effects with his mic to make Kiiyan’s voice sound like off a drama CD, spoken right to you. So nice!
  • The very last corner (the Immoral World….) was all about adultery. And when one list they shared was where people meet their lovers, and Kiiyan saw “school,” he not only laughed, he then told us a bit about his neighbors. Seems that Kiiyan’s mansion (apartment) is part of a set of four. He lives alone in D and there are young families in A-C. And apparently the mom in apartment B is quite lovely and Kiiyan thinks the husband is quite lucky.
  • And saving the, ah, “best” for last…. Some of you may have heard of the Mr. Tambourine Man event where Kiiyan talked about his mom walking in on him “hitori de make love” (his own expression) and him zipping up so quickly he almost caught himself in the zipper. I never thought he could top that story. Ever. But oh was I wrong.
    • Someone mentioned getting caught discovering her dad’s adult DVDs and asked if Kiiyan had ever been caught at something.
    • So he proceeded to tell us a story that actually embarrassed him to the point he had to stop a couple of times to just shake his head.
    • In short, when Kiiyan was grade school age, one time, when he was in the family bath, he, ah … produced some “白いジャム” (white jam; his words, and trust me, we were all dying when he said it. And if you don’t know what he means by it, you’re too young or too innocent for Kiiyan’s radio shows!) for the first time. Little Kiiyan did not clean up after himself, and so was found out about by mum. Oh Kiiyan….
  • The shows were fun, though the adultery corner went on too long, and featured too much of the staffer talking.
  • The early show will air this week at the usual time; the second show will air the following week.