New single: 「セツナの愛」

The Bungou Stray Dogs’ third season OP, 「セツナの愛」, will be released this spring in three editions:  anime, regular and limited.

CD Jackets

Track List

  1. セツナの愛
  2. <New Song>
  3. セツナの愛 (OFF VOCAL)
  4. <New Song> (OFF VOCAL)
Limited Edition includes the blu-ray music video for セツナの愛

Limited Live Serial Number

The CD will include a serial number for a special MTV-sponsored limited live (more info in another release)


Title:  「セツナの愛」
Release Date:  5/8/2019
Limited Edition:  CD+BD / 1,900円 (excluding tax)
Regular/Anime Editions:  CD / 1,200円 (excluding tax)