Fan Club event announced

Among all the other announcements on the official site today, there was notice that after the last date of the tour in Sapporo, a special fan club event would take place, also in Sapporo. Entitled 「北の組から 2019 ~もうツアー終わってるでしょうが!!~」, the event is part of a fan club tour called 「なまらダラダラするべさ~」. Details will be made available at a later … More Fan Club event announced

MTV limited live show

Also as with PIERROT DANCIN’, there will be a limited live following the mini-live at Zepp Diver City. This time the limited live will be sponsored by MTV and the concert will air later in the year on MTV. Lottery serial numbers will be included with the new single, 「セツナの愛」, and info on ticket sales … More MTV limited live show

「セツナの愛」in-store bonuses

Artist Photo Benefits: Tower Record: L-size bromide TSUTAYA: L-size bromide HMV: L-size bromide Gamers: L-size bromide Amazon: L size bromide Rakuten Books: Postcard L-MART/A! SMART/Bandai Visual Club: 2 L-size bromides3 Anime Jacket Illustration Benefits: Animate: B5 clear file Toranoana: L-size bromide Seven Net Shopping: L-size bromide

FAB LOVE in-store bonuses

Roger and Gina benefits: Animate: Rubber strap (Roger & Gina Ver.) Tower Records: Rubber Strap (Roger Ver.) Amazon: Rubber strap (Gina Ver.) L-MART/A! SMART/Bandai Visual Club: Heart type can badge (Roger Ver.) TSUTAYA: Heart type can badge (Gina Ver.) Artist Photo Benefits: Toranoana: L-size bromide HMV: L-form bromide WonderGOO / Shinmokudo: L size bromide Seven … More FAB LOVE in-store bonuses

FAB LOVE release mini-live

As with PIERROT DANCIN’, there will be a mini-live held at Zepp Diver City to celebrate the release. Serial numbers will be available in the first press release of the CD. Details Schedule: Tuesday, June 25, 2019 Location: Tokyo · Zepp DiverCity Doors Open / Show Starts: 16: 00/17: 00 Event Description: Mini-Live Guest: GRANRODEO … More FAB LOVE release mini-live

FAB LOVE release info

FAB LOVE will be released in two formats:  regular & limited edition. Included will be a serial number for a mini-live before the MTV limited-live. Track Listing CD Take it easy (New) JUNK-YARD DOG (New) Glorious days move on! Deadly Drive BEASTFUL Blu-ray Lead song MV Ube Gaisen digest video Details Title:  GRANRODEO 8th Album “FAB … More FAB LOVE release info

New single: 「セツナの愛」

The Bungou Stray Dogs’ third season OP, 「セツナの愛」, will be released this spring in three editions:  anime, regular and limited. CD Jackets Track List セツナの愛 <New Song> セツナの愛 (OFF VOCAL) <New Song> (OFF VOCAL) Limited Edition includes the blu-ray music video for セツナの愛 Limited Live Serial Number The CD will include a serial number for a special … More New single: 「セツナの愛」