NHK Anison Premium pic

NHK特番「アニソン!プレミアム!」に出演させていただきました。なんとも豪華なステージでした!放送をお楽しみに( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧→ 事務所の先輩GRANRODEOさんと。明日もご一緒させていただきます♪#NHKアニプレ #nhk #nhkアニソンプレミアム #TRUEさん — TRUE/唐沢美帆 (@miho_karasawa) November 25, 2018

NHK Anison Premium air dates

NHK has announced that the four hour Anison Premium event from this past Sunday will air twice in December. [BS Premium] on 12/29/2018 @ 22:30~02:30 [BS4K] on 12/31/2018 @ 00:00 ~ 04:00 Source:  NHK Anison Premium

FM802 Granrodeo giveaway

As part of Granrodeo’s appearance late Monday night on the Redniqs radio show and the upcoming Osaka-jo G13 shows, FM802 is giving some autographed goods away … if you can predict what will happen at G13 correctly! To enter, submit your answers to these three questions in this form:  What will be the first song … More FM802 Granrodeo giveaway