DJCD「谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~捲土重来~」

Details around the 12th DJCD release for Kiiyan’s Mr. Tambourine Man radio show have been released. His guest this time around for the “Delusion Battle” will be fellow seiyuu Suzuki Tatsuhisa, but no word yet on who’s the DVD guest. Per usual, there’s two editions:  deluxe and regular. Both come with CD + bonus DVD, while the deluxe one again comes with a desk calendar. Certain stores (such as Animate and CD Japan) will also provide a replicate signature and a bromide.

The CD comes out at the end of February and the associated events have already been scheduled for early April in Osaka and Ikebukuro.


Item:  DJCD「谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~捲土重来~」
Format:  CD + DVD
Editions:  Deluxe, regular
Bonuses:  Replicate sign & bromide (both versions), CD case desk calendar (deluxe)
Release Date:  2/27/2019
Price:  4428 / 3780 yen (tax included)