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日替わりで声優ふたりがMCを務める人気の帯番組『#声優と夜あそび』🌙🌟月曜から金曜、夜10時から90分の生放送!✨ 木曜日を担当・超人気声優/の#浪川大輔 さんと #谷山紀章 さん😳🙏 ゆるくわちゃわちゃしている番組の空気そのままのインタビューになってます😆💘#abematv#abematvbook pic.twitter.com/nUjPvQB8Fa — 8/18発売 AbemaTVBOOK (@AbemaTVBOOK) August 16, 2018

Band Yarouze CD

Even though the Band Yarouze game is no longer getting updates, there are a slew of vocal CDs coming out. Kiiyan’s Dante will get two songs on the Duel Gig Rivals CD, due out this November. The two songs, Dead or Alive and Greedy Saints, were featured in the game, previously. Details Item:  Band Yarouze Duel Gig … More Band Yarouze CD