Kiiyan’s family

父 泰典の69歳のバースデーが本日だす — 谷山紀章 (@kishownstarmaps) August 23, 2018 I’ve largely stopped sharing Kiiyan’s personal Twitter pics here, but this one was too sweet not to share. Happy 69th birthday to Kiiyan papa! (And thank you for your son!)

Latest 谷山紀章の明日もがんばります! radio pic

【谷山紀章の明日もがんばります!】超!A&G+にて今夜26時(深夜2時)から! 谷山さんも、Tシャツもセクシーですね🙈 リピート放送は、木曜日14:30~📻 各コーナーへのメールは『』にお送り下さい!アナタからのメールお待ちしております🙆#ganba1134 #agqr — 谷山紀章の明日もがんばります! (@ganba1134) August 22, 2018

Anisama 2018

Animelo Summer Live 2018 2日目 終演しました!ご来場頂いた皆様、最高の盛り上がりありがとうございました!#anisama #GRANRODEO — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) August 25, 2018

October B=Pass

A write-up of Kiiyan’s birthday live will appear in the October 2018 issue of B=Pass magazine. Details Item:  B=Pass magazine Issue:  10/2018 Release Date:  8/27/2018 Price:  860 yen URL:

Kano sisters interview

The Kano sisters Mika and Kyoko, well-known for their sexy cosplay, attended their first Anisama this year, and interviewed a number of artists, Granrodeo included (Mika seems to have been quite taken with Kiiyan’s smile). Later this year, the interviews will make it onto a television show of theirs that discusses their Anisama experience.

Ube Gaisen goods available on A!Smart

From 19:00 JST 8/21/2018 ~ 8/27/2018 @ 23:00 the following goods will be available for purchase at A!Smart’s online store: · T-shirts · Muffler towel · Wristband & tattoo seal set · Eco bag · Stainless steel tumbler · Bamboo uchiwa fan Check their Granrodeo section later today to order!

Abema TV Mook

日替わりで声優ふたりがMCを務める人気の帯番組『#声優と夜あそび』🌙🌟月曜から金曜、夜10時から90分の生放送!✨ 木曜日を担当・超人気声優/の#浪川大輔 さんと #谷山紀章 さん😳🙏 ゆるくわちゃわちゃしている番組の空気そのままのインタビューになってます😆💘#abematv#abematvbook — 8/18発売 AbemaTVBOOK (@AbemaTVBOOK) August 16, 2018