We Bare Bears interview

A short, really cute interview (he mentions how Ono Yuki always emails him about 5 seconds into his birthday, how he’s into zucchini right now & that he thinks he does cute roles well) can be found here.

『ありえへん∞世界』voice-over appearance for Kiiyan

Kiiyan and a handful of other seiyuu — Kamiya Hiroshi, Namikawa Daisuke, Ono Kensho, Hirata Hiroaki, Yuki Aoi, Ogata Megumi and Kotono Mitsuishi — provided voice overs again for re-enactment videos for the mystery-solving variety show 『ありえへん∞世界』. The show airs on TV Tokyo and is hosted by members of the Johnny’s group Kanjani 8. Details … More 『ありえへん∞世界』voice-over appearance for Kiiyan

Show by Rock 「ENDLESS!!!!」 single track list

The upcoming Show by Rock 5th anniversary single will feature three songs (Kiiyan sings on two) + the instrumentals. Yes, that IS the April Fool’s song, 光ノTSUBASA, sung by Crow as part of SHINGANWHITEEZ.   Track List: ENDLESS!!!! (SHOWBYROCK!! Family) Eternal Unity-明日へのメロディ- (SHOWBYROCK!! Family) 光ノTSUBASA (SHINGANWHITEEZ) ENDLESS!!!! (instrumental) Eternal Unity-明日へのメロディ- (instrumental) 光ノTSUBASA (instrumental)

UtaPri Radio CD box set

Along with the other Starish and Quartet Night seiyuu, Kiiyan will appear on the UtaPri radio box set:  Suzumura & Shimono no Uta Puri Hosokyoku MEMORIAL BOX. His tracks will be on the fourth CD. Although this is a CD set, the tracks are MP3 format. Details Product:  Suzumura & Shimono no Uta Puri Hosokyoku MEMORIAL BOX … More UtaPri Radio CD box set