Uta no☆ Prince-sama Eternal Song CD「雪月花」ver MOON

As part of the series’ 8th anniversary celebration, a set of singles was announced for later this year. Kiiyan will join Shouta Aoi, Toriumi Kousuke and Morikubo Shoutarou on the MOON version of the singles.

Fans who order from Animate will receive an A5 size clear file featuring Natsuki, Cecil, Ai and Reiji. The CD will feature an autograph from one of the four idols and, while supplies last, a random comment card from one of the four. Additional store bonuses are listed at the URL below.


Product:  Maxi single + DVD
Release Date: 11/21/2018
Price: 1620 yen (tax included)
URL:  http://www.utapri.com/sp/setsugetsuka_cd/