New radio show for Kiiyan

Kiiyan has a new radio show starting on Wednesday 4/4/2018 called 谷山紀章の明日もがんばります! (Taniyama Kishou’s Tomorrows will also do their best!). Airing on A+G, the show can be listened to via the A+G smartphone app or online on the radio’s website. There’ll be multiple corners on the show, where Kiiyan cheers on his female listeners, and also … More New radio show for Kiiyan

2017 ANiUTA Awards

To celebrate the service’s one year anniversary, ANiUTA announced its awards for top-ranked songs/artists for the last year. Granrodeo won the award for the Male Group Artist category. Kiiyan and e-zuka both provided comments on the award, which can be read here. Also, current subscribers to the ANiUTA service can enter a lottery to win … More 2017 ANiUTA Awards

Anisama appearance

This year Granrodeo will play day 2 (8/25/2018) of the three-day Anisama event. They’ll be joining Idolmaster Side M, Uchida Maya, Trysail, Ohashi Ayaka, Minori Chihara, TRUE, fhána, Mizuno Inori  and others to be announced later. Details Date:  8/25/2018 OPEN: 14:00 / START:  16: 00 Venue: Saitama Super Arena Tickets:  ¥ 9,200 (tax included)

Kiiyan joins cast of “Magical Girl, Ore” spring anime

  Kiiyan will be joining the cast of this unusual magical girl series as a new character (not from the manga). The character name is Magical Girl Eternal Dangerous Pretty. The show will start airing on 4/2/2018 on AT-X, then follow on Tokyo MX, Sun Terebi and KBS. Details Anime:  Magical Girl, Ore Channel:  AT-X, … More Kiiyan joins cast of “Magical Girl, Ore” spring anime

Win Kiiyan’s autograph

【RT対象】★サイン色紙プレゼントキャンペーン★東雲詠介を演じる『谷山紀章さん』の直筆サイン色紙を、抽選で3名様にプレゼント!応募はこのアカウントをフォロー&RTするだけ!RT期間:3/23(金)~4/6(金) キャラクター詳細はコチラ⇒ #イケラブ #谷山紀章 — 【公式】イケメンライブ(イケラブ)好評配信中! (@ikemen_live) March 23, 2018 Retweet the following tweet between the days listed (3/23~4/6) to win Kiiyan’s autograph. (Must live in Japan to win.) Details Event:  Twitter campaign Prize:  Kiiyan’s autograph Twitter account:  @ikemen_live Campaign Dates:  3/23~4/6/2018