Attack on Taikan II: Reading & Orchestral event

Pics taken for the day event.

  • In the event pamphlet the seiyuu had to answer a series of questions about season 2; thanks to my friend for summarizing for me. Kiiyan was impressed by Bertholdt and Reiner this season, how their dramatic storyline unfolded. His favourite moment was, of course, Jean rescuing Mikasa.
  • Kiiyan was dressed all in black — palazzo pants, long and loose t-shirt and a jacket with silver/metal at the shoulders. Stylish, if a bit different for him.
  • At least half the show, if not more, was Sawano Hiroyuki on piano with an orchestra (two guitars and bass included) playing music while anime clips played or vocalists joined the band. This was quite enjoyable and the singers were very good.
  • Oddly, though all the readings took place after the season’s big reveal, almost all the anime footage was from season one. If you have seen season two, you could get the gist of the readings, even if you didn’t know much Japanese. (Nuance would obviously be lost.)
  • The first dramatic reading was Eren, Jean, Connie, Christa, Armin, Sasha, Mikasa, and revolved around a hysterical Christa (having been “rescued” from Reiner, Bertholdt and Ymir) confessing to her real name.
  • Christa and Mikasa then each had solo readings.
  • Reiner, Bertholdt and Ymir had a reading, followed by Ymir on her own (it was very difficult to reconcile Ymir with the very polished young lady who does her voice!)
  • Jean, Connie and Sasha had a pre-breakfast discussion.
  • Erwin had a solo talk, as did Eren, at the very end of the performance.
  • They announced the movie and TV series at the end; ticket vouchers for the movie were on sale in the lobby after each show, along with a special event-only poster (which was also the cover to the pamphlet). If you buy the voucher next week, you will get clear files.
  • Kiiyan talked about Mikasa in his final words … and picked on Shimono. Of course.
  • Kobayashi Yu flustered Hosoya by being manic (a common state, apparently) and giving him a potato. He didn’t know what to do with said potato.
  • At the very end, Kaji called Ono Daisuke over to the middle and asked all of us to stand up. OnoD as Erwin led us in a Survey Corps salute. All 5,000 of us!

2 thoughts on “Attack on Taikan II: Reading & Orchestral event

  1. Hello there, do you know where it is about to be out on DVD Bluray ?

    I have another question please, did they do the scene where REINER and BERTHOLT Transformed into titans ?

    Thank you so much !!!


    1. Hi! No word on a dvd/blu-ray release yet. And no, the events of the readings all took place after the initial reveal of Bertholdt and Reiner as Titans. So they were in human form.


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