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Kiiyan recently filmed an episode of Sekai wo manga de happy ni!, a manga discussion show hosted by seiyuu/singer Kanda Sayaka and comedian Arino Shinya. Though the show is about manga, the first part features Kanda asking Kiiyan questions … including how he came to leave a “kiss mark” on Shimono Hiro, and about Kurokawa Kishou, the architect he’s named after.

Then the three of them discuss a handful of manga they like, and some that they’re currently into. (Kiiyan and Kanda’s reactions to Arino’s description of Scatter was priceless). Kanda is absolutely adorable, and her tokimeki meter hit 100% multiples times because of Kiiyan.

The video may not be available outside of Japan, but if you can watch it, do!


Show:  世界をマンガでハッピーに!~セカハピ~
Episode:  Season 2, #1
Duration:  29 minutes
Available Dates:  9/15/2017~9/29/2017 @ 23:59
URL:  http://fod.fujitv.co.jp/s/genre/variety/ser2424/