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Stella Quintet — Kiiyan, Itou Kentarou, Morita Masakazu, Kishio Daisuke and Fukuyama Jun —  will be providing the OP for the Corda 2 ff port to PS Vita, the group’s first song in a long time.

Prior to the game’s release, the song will be made available on an event-only CD on sale at the Seiso 6 event September 9-10, 2017 at the Yokohama Pacifico. The price will be 3000 yen including tax.

Attendees who buy both this CD and the other event-only CD, Corda Special 3B with Kanayan MISSION: B × B × B DECADE (Decade)  will receive a Stella Quintet+++ message card featuring all eight members of the extended “Stella Quintet” (the above seiyuu + Hino Satoshi, Miyano Mamoru and Maeno Tomoaki).

The track listing is as follows:


1. “Corda 2 ff (fortissimo)” theme song,
forever forever / stella quintet
2 . Forever forever [Tsukimori Solo Ver.]
3. Forever forever [Tsuchiura Solo Ver.]
4. Forever forever [Shimizu Solo Ver.]
5. Forever forever [Hihara Solo Ver.]
6. Forever forever [Yunoki Solo Ver.]
7. Forever Forever ~ Instrumental ~ [karaoke version]


8. Tsukimori Len — 「月に願いを ”Wishing for the Moon”」
9. Tsuchiura Ryotaro — 「この距離で ”Keep our Ground”」
10. Shimizu Keiichi — 「水の音楽 ”Music of Water”」
11. Hirahara Kazuki — 「約束の火 ”Fire of Promise”」
12. Yunoki Azuma — 「木立から呼ぶ音 ”Calling through the Trees”」
13. Etoh Kiriya — 「あんたに惹かれて ”Satellite of Love”」

<From 『金色のコルダ4』>

14. 「VERY BERRY」 – Takumi Sunaga version
15. 「VERY BERRY」  ~Instrumental~ — [karaoke version]
16. ORIGINAL CHARACTER MESSAGE from Takumi Sunaga 「Sweeter Lesson」


17. Taniyama Kishou
18. Itou Kentarou
19. Fukuyama Jun
20. Morita Masakazu
21. Kishio Daisuke
22. Hino Satoshi
23. Takeuchi Shunsuke


Title: 「ネオロマンス・フェスタ 金色のコルダ 星奏学院祭6 ~forever forever~」
Format:  CD
Release Date:  September 9, 2017 (Seiso 6 event)
Price: 3000 yen (tax included)
URL:  http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/event/2017/seiso6/special/