Animelo Summer Live: The Card

Granrodeo will take part in this year’s Anisama again, appearing on Friday, August 26th, alongside Tamara Yukari, Minami, Aquors and others. Kiiyan will also participate in the show’s theme song, “Playing The World.”   Details Event:  Anisama 2017:  The Card Location:  Saitama Super Arena Date:  8/25/2017 URL:  

Translation: 終わらぬ夢

Translation by paranoid-rhythm. 終わらぬ夢 / Never-ending dream 二人のシルエット 陽炎のように淡く 確かめようとした温もりは 色も輪郭も包むように Two people’s silhouettes Fade like a heat haze The warmth that I tried to ascertain Wrapped around the colors and outlines 世界を溶かしていった 僕らを溶かして消えた 変わり続けた日々たち 飽き足らぬ程すぐ側にいて The world has melted away We have melted and disappeared In days that continued changing It was unbearable how … More Translation: 終わらぬ夢

Dies irae anime announced

Kiiyan will be reprising his Wilhelm Ehrenburg role in the upcoming anime, slated for some time in 2017. The official website can be found here. Presumably the anime is not R18, as Kiiyan will be using his actual name in the credits, and not the Sugisaki Kazuya alias.

Translation: Under the Sky

Thanks again to paranoid-rhythm for the translation. Under the Sky 時は過ぎ波は揺れ 地平を裂き光見える 染まりゆく栄光は 誰を今…背中憂う As time goes by, the waves sway The horizon begins to tear, the light can be seen Right now, the glory is tainted With someone’s grieving back 彼の人は今もまだ あの街にいるらしい 風強い砂漠でも それなりに笑ってるらしい Until now, that person Still seems to be in that … More Translation: Under the Sky

Translation: 月に抱かれて眠れたい

Translation by paranoid-rhythm. 月に抱かれて眠れたい — I want to sleep while embracing the moon 頑なに拒んだあなたの肩越し ハーバーヴューに溶けるまどろみ 今宵も夢のように Stubbornly refusing your shoulder Dozing off at Harborview This night again, is like a dream くゆらす煙はもう二人の時間を 引き戻す魔法にはならないみたいね 知ってたけど The cigarette smoke doesn’t seem to be enough anymore As the magic that could rewind two people’s time I already knew, … More Translation: 月に抱かれて眠れたい