B-Pass pics

The pics and more info about the interview can be found here and here.

Animate Channel give-aways

Animate Channel members can enter to win items from PariPi and Taniyama Kishou’s Carefree Walk. From PariPi there are signed cards from Kiiyan, Morikubo Shoutarou and host Namikawa Daisuke (each will go to a different winner; winners can’t choose which they get). And from Kiiyan’s own show, two winners will get the sake cup (Kiiyan) … More Animate Channel give-aways


A big thank you to paranoid-rhythm for smoothing out the rough spots for me! HARD DRIVING MIDNIGHT 本来物事の本質とか 元来物事の本懐とか どーでもいいの上手にダマして もっとアクセルをふかして 本来 オツムのデキがどうとか 元来 ガンメンのデキがどうとか どーでもいいの体を交わして もっとブレーキを壊して Essentially, the true nature of everything Primarily, the true desire of everything Are trivial, skillful deceptions Rev the accelerator more Essentially, the quality of your psyche Primarily, the quality of your … More Translation: HARD DRIVING MIDNIGHT

New Tsukimori Ren song

The new song, ROMANCE, is part of a new drama CD focusing on Tsukimori in Vienna. Details Format:  Drama CD, 1 disc Release Date:  Marc 29, 2017 URL:  http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/media/cd/corda/ff/tsukimori.htm

B-Pass bonuses

The upcoming B=PASS issue will have not just an interview with Kiiyan and e-zuka, but will also come with a B2 sized poster plus a chance to win a desk calendar (for the second half of 2017) featuring Granrodeo. The deadline to apply for the calendar is May 5, 2017.