Show By Rock ear buds

Need a new pair of headphones to listen to Pierrot Dancin’ with? Onkyo and Pioneer have you covered with a new series of Show By Rock-themed ear buds. If you stop by the Gibson Brands Showroom Tokyo by tomorrow to try them, you can get a free postcard. Details Item:  Inner-ear headphones (comes with character … More Show By Rock ear buds

Win a sea shell from Kiiyan & Kawada Shinji

Kiiyan and Kawada-san spend the first episode of Kiiyan’s new Animate Channel show hunting down a tiny clam shell on the beaches of Kamakura. If you’re signed up for the Animate Channel site, you can enter to win the shell.   Details Entry URL: (scroll to the bottom) Entry Dates:  2/22 ~ 5/7/2017 23:59 … More Win a sea shell from Kiiyan & Kawada Shinji

Black Rose Suspects

Kiiyan has been added to the cast of cellphone game Black Rose Suspects, as 19 year old Silber Wolf Adorer, a musician and singer. He comments that he hopes people will play the game … and that he will too (though he will have to get a smartphone before he can follow through on that … More Black Rose Suspects