New Sugisaki Kazuya drama CD from Velvet Voice

Look forward to the forbidden relationship between you and him. 「妻帯者と私」 「The Married Man and I」 Dangerous and sweet, the relationship bewteen you and him is–…? Sugisaki Kazuya will be voicing a new R-18 drama CD for Velvet Voice, this time in their Velvet Voice Bouquet series. He will playing a married man with whom … More New Sugisaki Kazuya drama CD from Velvet Voice

Win a signed mug from Granrodeo

Fans can win this mug, signed by Kiiyan and e-zuka during tonight’s Line Live, by following the official Sashimeshi twitter account and re-tweeting the tweet with this photo in it. Deadline is tomorrow, 1/24. The winner will be contacted via DM on Twitter. (Presumably the winner needs to be in Japan.)

Line Live pics

Kiiyan and e-zuka once again composed a masterpiece theme song for the show, incorporating “do the hustle” as often as Kiiyan could fit it in. (Now if he would just do the hustle on stage…). Only a few screen shots, because it took me a while to figure out the Line Live app, alas.  

Granrodeo Line Live

Kiiyan and e-zuka will appear on the 「ドキドキ!芸能人とテレ東で「さしめし」してみた!」Line Live tonight at 20:00 JST.

「Pierrot Dancin’」media

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