Mr. Tambourine Man 476

This week Kiiyan starts off talking about how tomorrow is the first of April, April Fools, and about the sakura in bloom. And then he reads several listener letters, including one who asks about 海綿体 (check out the translation for 絶頂ポイズン, ahem) and another asking if he prefers choco-bananas … or banana-chocos.

Izumity 21 set list, 3/29/15

Blue Pandora Box Silence シャニムニ DARK SHAME The Other Self Pink Phantom ボルケーノ 21st Century Lovers Punky Funky Love wonder color Not for Sale 桜色第2ボタン 追憶の輪郭 (acoustic) DAWN GATE baby bad boy ROSE HIP-BULLET Seedblaster tRANCE modern strange cowboy Wish Encore: Once & Forever 変幻自在のマジカルスター W Encore: Can Do


Per the Rodeo Club site, e-zuka and Kiiyan were recording for the new single on 3/27/15.